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Arro Khampa by Zinc Journey Lijiang

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Arro Khampa Boutique Hotel Lijiang

Arro Khampa Boutique Hotel Lijiang - our sister hotel by Arro Khampa

Let yours be a different kind of journey on the Ancient Tea Horse Caravan.
?Arro, khampa!? is the most welcome greeting in the remote mountains of Eastern Kham. It calls one to sit, take warmth and nourishment, and a respite from the rigors of the trail. It finds its meaning in ?Hey Friend, I bid you welcome?. Travel on the ancient Tea Horse Road, one of the world?s great trade routes, was full of risks and dangers. ?Arro khampa? signaled engagement with strangers to be treated as friends to face together nature?s brutal elements in wild, remote regions. Per the old Himalayan maxim ?Collaborate, or perish.?
Whether seeking outdoor adventure or blissful retreat, Arro Khampa will enhance your journey with the mind and spirit of ancient Tibetan and Naxi culture. Based on architectural traditions of the region, from a far the design resembles the village houses with thick rammed earth façades. To provide contemporary comfort while retaining the cultural integrity of traditional design, subtle modifications are incorporated.

Facilities include 16 traditional yet stylish rooms and suites, an innovative Restaurant and Garden Bar provides Western and Chinese cuisine, all kinds of beverages. The spectacular Naxi style Teahouse is the symbol of the ancient Tea Horse Road hub, people stop here to have a good tea or rest. Arro Khampa inherit the spirit of ancient Tea Horse Road, brings you the unique experience.
Tel: (+86) 0888-5355551
Fax: (+86) 0888-5355552
Address: No. 11 Qingyun Village, Longquan Community, Suhe Old Town, Lijiang, Yunan province, China.